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Invest in the right innovation projects

Discover a perfect AI-software for intelligence research that enables users to navigate the technological landscape affordably and with ease.

Best practices in IP management software

IP managers must constantly solve the complex equation of developing a rich and secured portfolio, while facing an increasing cost pressure

8 Best Practices for an efficient annual legal department budget

Year after year, every in-house legal department knows that preparing the usual annual…

Ideation and white spaces analysis: imagine tomorrow now

Ideation methodologies & White spaces analysis provide data-driven insights that help you target your R&D programs in the most promising areas.

IP Translation for the modern enterprise

Watch our video to discover the potential of our centralized model and find out how it can save you time and enhance the quality of your translations.

Procter & Gamble increases foreign filing without increasing cost

Use case : with the goal of reducing cost and risk while increasing quality and consistency, P&G conducted search for translation provider…

3 stages to any IP strategy

The main ingredients in creating the perfect trademark; How to increase your trademark’s value…

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Intellectual Property

Prior art, drafting, prosecution support, international filing, translations, renewals, recordals, cost management, paralegal services.

Innnovation & R&D

Ideation, open innovation, technology scouting, competitive intelligence, expert scouting.

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IP and Innovation

IP Fundamentals 

How to read a Patent

IP Fundamentals

A high-level overview of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and confidentiality.

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IP & Innovation useful definitions

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